Why do people snore?

In most cases, snoring is caused by relaxed muscle tension in the upper airway.  If the soft tissue muscles at the back of the throat are very relaxed, the upper airway can vibrate as the lungs strain to inhale oxygen.  This causes the airway to narrow, leading to increased air turbulence and the sound of snoring.

As people get older, a general loss of muscle tone makes snoring more likely.  However, many other things can increase the risk of snoring such as:


    Drinking alcohol



    Certain prescription medicines (eg. sedatives)





Allergies-cold-and-fluColds, allergies, and a blocked nose.


What can people do about their snoring?

There is no one ‘cure’ for snoring, however, there are ways to get relief from the problem and control it.

Lifestyle changes

Snoring can often be reduced by making some small lifestyle changes.  Losing weight, reducing alcohol intake, cutting down on smoking, and getting more exercise can all help the problem.

Snoring Relief Products

There are several different types of snoring relief products on the market that can provide relief for every type of snorer.

Oral Products

The majority of people, oral products are recommended to help relieve their snoring.  Products such as Snoreeze Throat Spray, Throat Rinse, Lozenges, and Oral Strips are clinically proven to be effective for up to 8 hours.

Nasal Products

For those snoring because of a cold, allergy, or blocked nose, a nasal product is recommended.  Snoreeze Nasal Spray decongests the nasal cavities.  Snoreeze Nasal Strips gently hold the nasal airway open.  Both of these products reduce or prevent snoring by increasing airflow through the nasal passages.

Mandibular Avancement Devices (MADs)

For some very heavy snorers with a long-term problem, standard snoring relief products may not provide relief.  Severe snoring can be treated with a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD).  The FDA-cleared Snoreeze Oral Device is worn like a gum-shield and can be customised to fit the user’s mouth in just a few minutes.  The device works by positioning the jaw to create free space at the back of the throat, ensuring that air can pass through easily.  The neutral position of the device provides relief from snoring for most users.  However, the easily-adjustable design means that the jaw can be gently moved forward to clear the obstructed upper airway if necessary.  This small movement ensures that the airway is cleared, normal breathing can continue all night, and snoring is stopped.

Heavy snoring can be a symptom of a dangerous condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.  To find out more about diagnosing and treating sleep apnoea visit our Snoring and Sleep Apnoea page.