SoundSleep App

SoundSleep is an app developed by PFL and world-leading AI experts from the University of Sheffield. The app tracks breathing disruptions and records how loudly and often users snore in the night. Free daily reports help snorers discover causes, factors and solutions for their night-time noise. SoundSleep’s machine-learning algorithm has been trained to recognise the unique acoustic features of snores, making its reports more accurate than other snoring apps.

Users worried about obstructive sleep apnoea can check their OSA risk with SoundSleep’s unique Breathing Disruption Index (BDI) feature. This tracks the number of events where the user may have stopped breathing or struggled to breathe in the night.

When combined with a product, SoundSleep can also help snorers figure out what snoring relief works best for them. Nightly reports indicate whether there was more or less snoring than previous nights. The app also gives the option of logging snoring ‘factors’ into the equation. By providing the whole picture, SoundSleep helps users explore whether it’s lifestyle or environmental factors impacting on their snoring, or whether it’s a product that they’re using.