Product Development

Why innovation is important to us

Innovation is an essential part of making sure that we continue to improve quality of life for people. It’s this innovation that allows us to develop products that meet consumer healthcare needs and outperform those of our competitors.

How we make sure that innovation is possible

A key part of our strategy is ensuring that we have experienced bio-chemists on our team. However, we also understand how important relationships with external academics and scientists are for successful innovation. Since 2011, we have continually strengthened our research and development capacity by working with a number of universities and hospitals. As a member of Bionow, SciTech Daresbury, and North West Coast AHSN, our philosophy is to seek to work in partnership with other organisations to develop and evidence new healthcare technologies and products. We work with experts in their field to make sure that these technologies and products provide transformative experiences for consumers.

Current innovation

Our Product Development process involves identifying excellent opportunities for innovation, and creating products that will be valued by consumers. This helps us to only launch successful products that meet the changing healthcare needs of our customers.

The development process encourages us to closely monitor the direction healthcare is moving in. It’s increasingly apparent that consumers are moving towards digital forms of healthcare, and new technologies are changing the way we view medicine. Because of this, we’ve reassessed our approach to product development; our products need to evolve with a changing market. Our research into medical device technology and sensors has gone from strength to strength, allowing us to develop innovative new products at the forefront of modern healthcare.