For a small company to survive and prosper for as long in the healthcare category as PFL Healthcare, you need three things; a good team, a niche expertise and – a slice of luck! You can’t control the last one, but you can certainly load the dice in your favour by working on the other two.

PFL Healthcare have been involved in a range of innovations over the years, bringing to market a number of novel products including two UK market leaders. However, our niche product expertise is in Medical Device products designed to treat conditions affecting mucosal tissue. Originating in our continuous effort to improve delivery of products to treat snoring, this knowledge base has influenced us to successful involvement with products across the ENT (ears-nose-throat) area and also women’s intimate care.

Mucosal tissue has its own unique challenges and characteristics. The tissue is dynamic being both protected and lubricated by a liquid layer. That means that product delivery in this area needs to be sympathetic to this layer whilst at the same time able to penetrate it and then maintain adherence. PFL Healthcare understand this mechanism very well, giving us a platform for the delivery of therapeutic ingredients across the range of mucosal tissue types.

Unusually for a predominantly OTC healthcare company, PFL Healthcare not only have a treatment expertise but are also developing a diagnostic expertise. Stemming from our involvement with firstly snoring and now sleep apnoea, we have a significant involvement in understanding the mechanism and capture of UA (upper airway). As an internal orifice, UA collapse is problematic to investigate and even complex imaging techniques do not tell enough of the story. PFL Healthcare’s diagnostic focus is on the markers of collapse, airway acoustics, and the body’s oxygen/carbon dioxide balance. We rely on the knowledge of and partnership with experts and academics in a number of universities and hospitals to develop this focus.