PFL Healthcare have been involved in a range of innovations over the years, bringing to market a number of novel products (including two UK market leaders). We’ve continued to develop our expertise in many areas of sleep-disordered breathing in our aim to create effective products that have the power to transform people’s lives. This ranges from medical device products to diagnostic expertise. Our diagnostic focus has been centred on the markers of airway collapse, airway acoustics, and the body’s oxygen/carbon dioxide balance. To further build on our knowledge, we work closely with experts and academics in a number of universities and hospitals.

As the landscape of healthcare has evolved, so has our approach to the issue of sleep-disordered breathing. Technology is transforming the face of medicine, and we aim to be at the forefront of this change. We are continually working to develop our medical device technology with experts in the field, using body position sensors and machine-learning algorithms to help improve OSA diagnosis. Our growing expertise in this area will empower people to take control of their sleep health, and encourage self-management of sleep-disordered breathing conditions.