Product Development

New Product Development is essential for us, as it allows us to develop products that meet changing consumer healthcare needs and outperform those of our competitors.

It is key to our strategy to ensure that we have experienced bio-chemists on our team. However, we also understand how important relationships with external academics and scientists are for successful innovation. Since 2011, we have continually strengthened our research and development capacity by engaging a number of expert consultants linked with Sci-Tech Daresbury, Manchester University , Manchester Metropolitan University, Bradford University, Lancaster University and Chester University. As a member of Bionow, SciTech Daresbury, and North West Coast AHSN our philosophy is to seek to work in partnership with other organisations to develop and evidence new healthcare technologies and products.

Our development process

The processes for developing new products involve a lot of hard work by our entire team.  Most of our current products are OTC, however, the regulations for launching a products in this sector are strict, meaning lots of hard work must be done to ensure that products are up to scratch.

Our detailed New Product Development process helps us to ensure  we only launch products that meet the changing healthcare needs of consumers and become successful.

Developing new products involves getting the right balance between identifying great opportunities for innovation and choosing products that are valued by consumers.

Once we’ve identified the right product for us, product designs must be finalized and detailed market assessments conducted. Potential providers, risks, and regulatory requirements must all be identified before the process can continue.

Then, a more detailed design is created. Prototypes of the product are made and tested, in order to validate efficacy and safety.  At this point in the process, marketing briefs, contracts, and accurate product descriptions are all written.

The processes for the manufacture of the product can then begin.  Brand names are registered, websites made, and marketing materials created.  Our Operations team work hard with our Suppliers and Distributors to make sure everything is in place for a smooth product launch.